Dinosaur Egg Putty


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  • Plastic Egg Opens To Reveal Primordial Goo w/ Dinosaur Fossil Inside
  • Assortment: 4 Dinosaur Styles
  • Pink, Blue, Green, And Yellow Translucent Jelly
  • Stretchy, Jiggly, Bouncey Gel Putty; Not Slime
  • Egg Measures 2 1/2″

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There's an old (really, really old) saying: Don't count your dinosaurs before they hatch. That's not a problem with the dinosaur egg putty. Each prehistoric putty novelty toy has a dinosaur fossil in clear, plastic egg. You can see exactly what's inside each egg, so count away.

The dinosaur fossils come encased in gelatinous, brightly colored yolk that's a little firmer than our photos might indicate. The goo is thick and can be stretched and shaped or rolled up into a ball and bounced. Pop open the egg to access the goo and fossil.


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